We are a strong human development firm who believe that a developed mind is a developed nation. Our Entrepreneurship Department focuses on major areas of human day-to-day endeavours. We find the uniqueness in every individual and nurture it to maturity. Be it individual or corporate, we train using the best techniques you can ever imagine. Our goal in this is to see you taking charge of your career.



The training-Consulting services are carried out in two ways.

  1. Business/ Empowerment Drill, and
  2. Leadership / Capacity Building Training.




Building a strong nation with integrity, unity, peace and discipline goes down to building quality and unequivocal positive business and leadership traits amidst individual, given in the most unenviable circumstance.
It is on this note that GARKK has initiated mind blowing trainings, seminars and workshops to raise and / or build existing visionary and result oriented leaders in Africa and the world at large.
The programs include;

  • 1. Preserving Workforce

    This is centred at employees in any institution, be it in private or public settings. This program is agitated from the important need by institutions to boost the company’s profit and also train the staff to becoming more resourceful staffs and relentless team players.
    + To boost sales and increase profit in organization.
    + To intimate the staff and to align them with the objective of the institution.
    + To build a formidable team players in an organization.
    + Understanding personal and business ‘branding’.
    + Balancing career and family.
    + PLANNING as a roadmap to success.
  • 2. Women Entrepreneurship (WE)

    The “WE” program is a gender-sensitive program based directly at the female. This program is aimed at empowering women, irrespective of their background, to build their choice business(s) to the desired taste of success. It is focused on combining home maintenance and career building without one affecting the other.
    The “WEobjectives include;
    + To promote less women dependency in the society.
    + To increase women empowerment in Africa.
    + To relief the effort of the male counterpart.
    + To build a positive competitive environment where males and females strive for success and development unequivocally.
    + To bring about development starting from home to the economy at large.
    The features of “WE” program include;
    + SWOT analysis to channel their reasons into productivity.
    + Risk identification and assessment.
    + Funds management.
    + Business diversification.
    + Networking.
    + E – Marketing.

  • 3. Students In Business (SIB)

    Global ark Konzultz is particular about the future. In lieu of this, she is pragmatic about solving it by looking into tomorrow today. As a result, the program is designed to focus on youth in order to take them from where they are to where they want to be. It is also a concept used to prepare the youth for the future challenges that lie ahead.
    This is a scheme where students in schools in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are educated on the basic need for apprentice-education and its significance on their personal financial growth and less worries about uncertain job security after graduation.
    SIB Objectives include:
    +To raise better and more responsible youth.
    + More focus and destination or dreams could be pictured from the present.
    + Less dependent on parents/guardian.
    + Reduce the avoidable spending of the government as they will be raised NOT to rely solely on the government.

  • 4. Network Marketing Seminar (NMS)

    NETWORK marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), is one of the fastest growing systems in today’s world of business. It is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other sales people they recruit. We go extra mile to educate an individual or group of persons on how to identify a profitable network and the best technique to get to the top of their network marketing businesses.
    The feature of this training includes:
    + Explaining the terminologies associated with network marketing business.
    + Building team work among members in network marketing.
    + People and product prospecting in Network marketing
    + Identifying the advantages and the disadvantages of different network marketing scheme. e.g the pyramid scheme, 3X10 Matrix, Acer system etc.
    + Creating a knowledge gap between a profitable network plan and non-profitable ones.
    + Merging networking business with any other business of choice.
    + Building amiable relationships between “networkers” and “non-networkers”.
    + Investing outside network marketing.




Leadership as simply described is the art of getting people to move, idea towards a common goal they didn’t yet see.
It is on this note that GARKK has initiated mind blowing trainings, seminars and workshops to raise and or build existing visionary and result oriented leaders in Africa and the world at large.
The programs include;

  • 1. Raising The Next CEOs (RNC)

    This is a platform opened to graduates and undergraduates willing to venture into entrepreneurship. It is a training meant to drill the participants in the roadmap to becoming not just on entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur. This program contains series of the theme that will be covered before they are “GARKK” certified to venture into entrepreneurship.
    This program themes include
    + YYIY (Your You In You).
    + SWOT Analysis.
    + Preparing a company proposal and business plan.
    Programme Benefits:
    + Prepare them for the future challenge that lie ahead.
    + Make them understand some basic rules of business success.
    + Understand SWOT as a realistic tool to business development.
    + Define their purpose in business by coining their vision and mission statement to suit their immediate career pursuit.
    + Understand failure as a tool (medium) for achiever a greater success.
    + Improving/increasing sales using an e – marketing technique.
    + Networking the available resources (both human matter real) to their maximum advantage.
    + Teaching participants the importance and ways to put back to the society (CSR).
    + Understanding the power of NETWORK as a tool for business success.
    + E – marketing.
    + Understanding failure as a seed to business resilience.
  • 2. Become An Employable Person (BEP)

    So many job applicants lose focus on the job areas where they can readily find jobs. This is because they lack basis, job search techniques even if they have, the techniques has to be redefined.  The focal point of the BEP is to teach  JOB SEEKERS to focus on 80% of their JOB search efforts on areas where they are contain of getting a job given of skills, experience interest (person) etc.
    The objective of BEP are as follows:
    + Preparing a winning CV.
    + Unbound the limitation, seekers post on themselves through their CV.
    + Writing a cover – up letter.
    + Resume follow – up.
    + Making use of company’s job data bank.
    + Wooing your interested company.
    + Creating and redefining career objectively.
    + Re – branding yourself and your CV.
  • 3. Building A Winning Team (BWT)

    Typically, a team shares leadership and interdependency i.e. they depend on each other on information, services or product to achieve a common team goal. Creating teamwork is a challenging process. Merely redefining a collection of employees as a “team” doesn’t make them one. The first question to ask is, is thisateam or a group? Each has a purpose.
    For any organization to surpass the norm; it needs more than the average skills, attitudes, or inspiration to grow organization from where it is to where it wants to be. Employees are the biggest asset in any organization. Thus, the need to build a winning team is to build a “Leaders – leaders” and “leaders – followers” amongst them.
    The BWT program is targeted on ‘growing’ firms and established institutions; from private to public, religious body to mention a few.
    BWT Objective includes:
    + Foster the interpersonal and business relationship among colleague.
    + Sensitization of employees.
    + Creating a positive competitive challenge amidst employee.
    + Acknowledgment of unique talents and contributions.

  • 4. Branding My Worth (BMW)

    In today’s world of highly competitive market, individuals and organization struggle for personal and business survival.  Your worth is the inner – most value, (whether natural or developed), that is needed to project your self-importance to the immediate people around you; and in your business method. The branding of such worth will go a long way to determine the kind of client you attract to yourself; your name and your company.
    To harness to the fullest this precious worth in you, GARKK has introduced a BMW program which helps in the following process:
    + Skills, gift, talent identification
    + Harnessing and converting your worth into "asset"
    + Creating the differences between fantasy and idealization.
    + Turning opportunities into riches.
    + Identifying and working with your "likes"
  • 5. Next Rated Ambassadors (NRA)

    Owing to the continuous, second wise growth experienced in Africa and other parts of the world, there is concerned need to continually imbibe, develop consistently maintain the leadership spirit/traits amidst individuals, especially the youth. NRA is centered basically on young individuals. It could also be described with this common term “Catch Them Young”.
    NRA has its set objective on imbibing the spirit of leadership into the minds of every young mind in Africa and the world.
    NRA objectives include;

    +Identifying potentials amidst youth (attitude and mindset change). + Taking advantage of peer group.
    + Building leadership from home.
    + Youth as a secret changed agent in the society.

    + Career guide – one-on-one training with youth.

  • 6. Breaking Barriers (BB)

    For any individual, organizations (be it private or government) and religious settings to move from where they are to where they want to be, there has to be concerned efforts by the institution to grow the members of such institution as one indispensable team player, and this is possible only when there is a pragmatic intensive coaching on leadership and attitude. BB has no limit of coverage as it open to all and sundry of different age or institutions.

    The primary objectives of BB include;
    + Coaching individuals, and organization to achieve their maximum potential.
    + Leading leaders in organization.
    + Redefining behavioral success and mind-set.
    + Building more profitable firm.
    + Balancing home and career.
    + Turning staffs into TEAM.



Our Vision

To be the leading institution that provides unrivaled consultancy in Business, Leadership and Health in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

Being synonymous with innovations, we are saddled with building quality performance by empowering all to take charge.



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