For over five (5) years, our decision to start a publishing business has been very exciting! It has caused the creative juices to flow, lessons to learn and the eyes to light up.

But wait – before you decide to associate yourself with a reputable publishing firm like GARKKK PUBLISHERS, please take your time to learn the processes we took, which did not only inspired us but also built our competencies and credibility in the publishing industry.


1. We know why we write and publish.
We are not one of the companies that just stumbled into publishing. We developed the idea of publishing eight years back when we decided to take our printing business to the next level. We started with self-publishing till we grew to a level where we sit, design and publish variety of books for individuals and corporate organizations. Till date, the total numbers of books we have self- published are five and they are named as follows:

  1. A DAY DECISION (literature series)
  2. HEART OF FORGIVENESS (literature series)
  3. THE FRUIT OF DISCIPLINE (literature series)
  4. AGONY OF DISCRIMINATION, and (literature series)


Other Books due for publishing soonest include

  1. JUST ONE MINUTE (literature series)
  2. FAR FROM GENIUS  (Drama)
  4. THE NARROW ESCAPE (literature series)
  5. YOUR YOU IN YOU (Motivational Series)
  6. WHY NOT ME? (Motivational Series)



2. We treat publishing as a business.
We have passed beyond the realm of having authors whose sole desires are to have a mere touch in the exciting world of publishing. Furthermore, we are not just a publishing company with writers or authors, we have become a brand name in the publishing world that produce profitable books, and want to keep the profits to grow ourselves and our prospective clients.



3. We write and have our business plan.
Being aware of the business aspect of publishing a book is not an end in itself – you need to formally write your plan. We have been using these as guides that outline all of the costs that we will encounter from obtaining the necessary funds to knowing the price of publishing and getting our books to the end users (readers).  These tools also take into account our future expenses as well as pre-publication expenses.


4. We plan for publicity and marketing.
Anyone can have the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. We don’t want to print books that sit in our warehouse. We want to print books that will sell, sell, and sell!
As a result, we make sure we plan for the publicity and marketing of our books using different media vis-à-vis using commissioned marketers, via the internet using variety of social media platform.

5. We write about the subjects we know well, and help others with what they   know best!
We just don’t write about something that we can’t talk about without effort. We write about subjects with which we are very familiar and that excite us. Writing such books has establish us as an expert in our field, so we choose the topic that causes everyone we know to come to us for advice. The publicity has then be so easy that we love being the “star”.

6. We know who will buy our books.
So many authors think that “everyone” needs and should buy their books. Not so!. Perhaps “everyone” needs their books, but not “everyone” will want to buy. We research and know WHO will actually WANT our books and market to them. They will buy!

Knowing and applying the most effective publishing steps before printing has made our publishing career fun and profitable.

As we look forward to you being our prospective client, think how much more pleasant a journey will be if you know which fork in the road will lead you to smooth driving and which fork in the road will lead you through potholes.

Dare to publish with us today…Dare to experience an exciting world of publishing.





Our Vision

To be the leading institution that provides unrivaled consultancy in Business, Leadership and Health in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

Being synonymous with innovations, we are saddled with building quality performance by empowering all to take charge.



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