Advanced Architectural Glass

Guardian SunGuard® coated glass offers a comprehensive range of low-E coating options to meet the most complex performance and design aesthetic requirements.

Guardian SunGuard - 7th Street Thomas

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The SunGuard body of coatings offer performance for any reality, styles for any idea.

SNE 50/25

Crisp, mid-reflectivity paired with high performance for design flexibility.

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Guardian Glass North America - crane shed commons

SN 68

Clear exterior appearance, 68% light transmission, 38% solar factor

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Guardian Glass SunGuard SN 54 - The Hepburn building exterior photographed by Sam Kittner

SN 54

A neutral outdoor appearance with exceptional solar-energy control

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Guardian Glass SunGuard SNR 43 - McKinney & Olive office building exterior day

SNR 43

A SunGuard coating to enhance occupant privacy and achieve spandrel matching

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Guardian SunGuard AG 50 - Salesforce Tower building exterior photograph day

AG 50

Subtle reflectivity for a sleek aesthetic, and excellent solar control for saved energy

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Guardian Glass SunGuard AG 43 - Norfolk Hilton Hotel and Conference Center exterior day

AG 43

A crisp silver look for spandrel matching, and high performance for energy savings

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Guardian SunGuard HP Neutral 50 - Fendi Chateau Residences exterior photo day

Neutral 50

All-season performance with subtle blue reflected color

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SunGuard from Guardian Glass - 1775 Tysons Boulevard internal photo

Coatings for any vision

The versatility of SunGuard coated glass offer opportunities to create striking statements of light and color. SunGuard coated glass can be nearly invisible, beautifully reflective, dramatically bent or cut into almost any shape. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Plus, our North American jumbo glass coater is now here to help you meet new design demands with your favorite SunGuard coated glass.

SunGuard from Guardian Glass - Crowd in auditorium with glass walls

Let the light in

Natural daylight helps people feel better, be more productive—and it enhances energy efficiency. SunGuard coated glass features advanced sputter-coating technology to maximize light and reflect heat. Brighten indoor spaces, reduce heat loss and combat glare from the sun when you use SunGuard coated glass on windows, roofs, glazed façades and more.

SunGuard from Guardian Glass - New Belgium Brewery internal photograph

Coatings for comfort

Help protect building occupants with options to laminate and temper SunGuard coated glass. Our technology can increase impact resistance to meet the most stringent building codes. SunGuard coated glass can also reduce noise from the outside world to enhance comfort indoors.

Guardian SunGuard Coatings: Choosing Reflective vs Neutral

Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings offer a range of options for performance and style. Whether you seek a reflective aesthetic or a color neutral look, Guardian can help you achieve your goals.

Guardian SunGuard Coatings: Choosing Reflective vs Neutral Glass

Guardian SunGuard SNR 43 Glass Coating Benefits

Guardian SunGuard® SNR 43 offers privacy-enhancing reflectivity, exceptional solar control and stunning nighttime views.

Guardian SunGuard SNR 43 Glass Coating Benefits